I posted this several years ago, but I stumbled upon it today and it made me fairly nostalgic…

So back in 2011, I convinced my friend Mike Morris @designsophy to let me blog about these pictures he took of his hometown of Philadelphia. They are completely inspiring and the incredible skylines take me back to a time when I fell in love with my husband in NYC. (Unbeknown to me ‪‪— though I think everyone else knew before I did.) I was, ironically, also there on a business trip/cocktail party for Pneuma Books (owned by the awesome Brian Taylor) with Mike, who was my senior designer at the time.

Mike & Brian hired me right out of college after interning for them for a while. They pretty much taught me everything I know about good design and typography. Mike was shocked to know I didn’t know what greeking was. I was shocked there was something called greeking. More like geeking.

They showed me the true elegance of the em dash and the importance of kerning.

Hard to believe it’s been ~15 years.

So, without further adieu ‪‪— ‪check these out. Nice work, Mikey.

Philadelphia Skyline Philadelphia Skyline Philadelphia Skyline Philadelphia Skyline Philadelphia Skyline